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Naam : Elly

Naam: Elly
Partner: nopeeh =d
Vereniging: what the faack?

BerichtOnderwerp: Elly   ma sep 26, 2011 6:28 am

Name: Poetin
Full name: Elly Poetin
Nickname: Biatch!
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 1 aug.
Place of Birth: Moscow
Gender: Female
Language: Russian, English
Accent: Russian,, sounds a bit arrogant

Attitude: Bitchy, stubborn and very friendly to her friends & family
Talents: Horseriding & being stubborn
Likes: Horses, friends, make up, clothes, high heels...
Most Hated/Dislikes: Ehm,, people who copy her!
Fears: ehm xd
Hobbies/Interests: Shopping, dressage, jumping and cross

Figure/build: quite small and very skinny
Hair colour: Brown
Hairstyle: Long, emo style but she isn't an emo! xd
Eye colour: Brown
Piercings enz: Stretch and a little tattoo on her arm with the name of her horse (nabor)
Scars/distinguishing marks: A fiew on her arm she did it herself...
jewellery: A necklace
special belongings: Secret!

Smoker: No!
Drinker: wodka =d
Drugs: Nopeeh xd
Addictions: No
Allergies: No
Any illnesses: No
Any medication regularly taken: No

Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite drink(s): wodka (duhh,, russian xd)
Disliked food: Fish!
Disliked drinks: Beer

Parent's: Ana & David Poetin
Partner: Not yet...
Best Friend: Tatjana (in russia)
Enemies: Not yet!

Her life: Born in Moscow (russia). She lives on a Haflinger stud (horses) and when Elly was 16 she came to Monica high.

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