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Naam: Charlie Finch
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BerichtOnderwerp: Charlie Finch   do okt 24, 2013 7:53 am

Full name: Charles William Finch
Age: 17
Born on: May 5ft. 1996
Born in: New York
Mother: Ebony Finch-Ryder
Father: William Finch
Brother: Lucas Daniel Finch

Tell us something about yourself:
"Well, I am Charlie Finch. I turned 17 in may. I'm born in New York, and I've lived there so far. My parents are William and Ebony Finch. I also have an older brother. He's called Luke. Luke Finch. He looks like me. Or I look like him, since I'm younger, you know. We both have these fabulous brown curls and kind of the same nose and jaw line. But I've brown eyes, like my mom, and he has green ones, like dad. We've almost the same height too. I'm 1,80 and Luke's 1,82. He is 19 now.
We grew up in a big city, and we were quite rich. I could get anything I wanted. My parents were almost never home, so I was raised by lots and lots of nanny's. But also by my brother. He learned me some useful things about life, if you know what I mean... About girls and that kind of stuff.
Although my parents were never there for us, they wanted me to choose a instrument. So at first I chose the piano. Boring. Girls don't like that. At least not as much as they like guitars. So now I can play piano ánd guitar. And I can sing. Everyone always loves it when I sing. I was in a band before I came to Santa Monica, but we broke up when I left. Maybe I can start a band here too. I love performing. It is the best feeling in the world. And I love the attention you get from girls after your performance. Actually, I love attention in general.
Last year, I had a lot of problems in school. I like to be a bit of a clown, to make my classmates laugh. Teachers don't like that, apparently. My grades were not that good either. Anyways, my parents tought it was a good idea if I would finish my school somewhere else. And that somewhere else had to be far, far away from my old friends. And what's further away from New York than some city in California. I like it here though, nice weather, nice people. And the girls aren't bad either...
Yes, I'm quite a ladies-man. I'm not a big fan of relationships, but I like to have... a bit of fun. Know what I mean right... I was in a relationship once... nah, not my thing.
About my clothing style? Oh, I like to dress... casual? I'm not that good at talking about... fashion. I always sound like an idiot. But yeah, I usually wear really thight skinny jeans. Skin-thight-jeans. They're black most of the time. You can combine that with almost everything. And I like tanktops and plain white shirts. Or shirts with a funny print. Like... I have a shirt what says "Is it friday yet?" I like that. And I like beanies. I have a lot of them. A whole collection, says my brother. But he has also a lot of them, so whatever. My shoes are usually... vans or converse. And, look. I always wear al lot of bracelets. I don't know why... I just do. I don't know what you call my style exactly... Mwah, I just wear what I like.
About my hobby's? Ehm... Well like I said, I like playing guitar and singing and performing... but I also like skating. But I forgot to take my board with me to Santa Monica. Luke probably stole it by now, but that doesn't matter. I'll ask my parents for a new one. But I'm not that good at it, and I only skate when I really have nothing else to do... so I don't really miss it.
Is that enough? ... Oh, all right. I'm gonna go, got more things to do. Bye.


Charlie komt over als een (misschien iets té) zelfverzekerde jongen. Een beetje verwend en nog al een player. Ja, hij houd van one night stands en aandacht. Hij oogt energiek, maar houd eigenlijk nogal van luieren en dan vooral gewoon slapen. En eten. Maar dat merk je niet snel, want hoewel Charlie heel open lijkt, is hij eigenlijk heel gesloten. Daardoor lijkt hij nogal oppervlakkig, maar is eigenlijk het tegenovergestelde.
De gemiste aandacht van zijn ouders in zijn jeugd tracht hij nu in te halen met aandacht van wie dan ook, vooral het andere geslacht. Hij heeft één keer een relatie gehad. Maar daar is hij hard uit weg gerend.
In feite, Charlie heeft een lichte vorm van bindingsangst. Hij zal je dan ook niet snel toelaten als meer dan een oppervlakkige vriend. Achter het stoer masker schuilt eigenlijk een best lieve jongen. Maar zie die jongen maar eens boven te halen. Succes.

Sorry voor eventuele spellings- of grammaticafouten. Engels is immers niet mijn eerste taal.
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Charlie Finch
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