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Naam: Abby Waters
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BerichtOnderwerp: Abby Waters   za dec 14, 2013 9:26 am

‘So I just have to say something about myself? Like, introduce myself. Okay, okay. So… Hi I’m Abby. Yes my full name’s Abbigail, but that sounds old. But I’m named after my grandma, so that’s why. I’m 17. I’m from Oxford, in England… Is that what you want? More? Oh, in that way, yeah sorry. Well… I have no other siblings, my dad died when I was only six years old. From bone cancer. Yeah, it sucks, but I’m kind of used to it now, though I still miss him. Off course. I mean, he was my dad. But I still had my mom, untill last year but that’s a different story. Well not thát different, I lost her because of cancer too. Something with tumors in her lungs. A bit difficult and I don’t like talking about it.
But because I lost my dad at such a Young age I was raised by my mom off course, but also by my grandparents because of my mom’s illness. I’ve a really strong bond with my grandma, Abbigail. She’s always been there for me, and she seems to be the only person who truly understands me. But she couldn’t take care of me anymore, she’s getting older. And I’m old enough to take care of myself now. Also, I wanted to get out of there. Everything reminds me of my parents, I wanted to make a new start. I think that will work out here. Or at least I hope so, haha. You never know, do you?
I’ve never been an easy kid. I had my phases. Like that time I cut off my hair and wore boyish clothes. But my mom and my grandparents always accepted me the way I was and the way I wanted to be, and helped me if I got in trouble. Oh man, I used to get into a lot of trouble. Like that time were I got in a fight with a boy at my school. Nothing too serious, but I gave him a bleeding nose. He deserved it though, he’d called me a slut, ulgy, forever alone, and some other things. He also called me a lesbian, but that isn’t really an insult, is it? I also used to steal clothes. And I always tried to go to movies without buying a ticket. I love movies. My favourite? Oh gosh, that’s a hard question. I really love Harry Potter. Since I also love reading and I kind of grew up with Harry Potter. People also always say that I look like Emma Watson, who plays Hermione. I don’t really see that, but it’s a huge compliment I think. She’s really pretty and has a great fashion sense. I also love films such as “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “She’s the man.” those are Great movies. I’ve also read the book of Perks of Being a Wallflower. The book is even better, but the book is usually better, haha. I also love Percy Jackson, the movies and the books. The same goes for the Hunger Games. My favourite author is probably John Green. My favourite book must be The Fault In Our Stars, it makes me think of my parents and it’s just an awesome book. And do you know the Divergent-trilogie? That’s amazing too… But there are lots of amazing books and movies, the list is endless probably.
About my social life? Well, I didn’t have that much friends to be honest. I was that girl who would just read during lunchbreak. And I would read during lessons too. It sounds weird, doesn’t it. First hearing that I hit dudes and stole and sneaked into cinema’s. But at the same time, I would read a lot. I never stole books though. I don’t know why. Books were too special for that, or something. But because of my attitude I never had much people who liked me. I had tree friends. They were all a bit like me. Rebels. They loved reading too. They loved movies too. One of them stole too. We did it together most of the time. But I didn’t want more friends, because they probably would not understand me the way these girls did.
My love life? Wich love life? I never had a boyfriend. I wasn’t really a girl boys were into. And I didn’t pay attention to boys that much. I had other things I cared about. Books, movies, music, my mom. We heard my mom was sick when I was fifteen. She has never been anything but terminal. But she lived long, for someone with lungs that suck at being lungs. What? Yeah that’s from The Fault In Our Stars!
Is that enough? I don’t think that there’s much more to tell. All right, bye.
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